180 Cup


$3.99 24 cnt / $5.99 50 cnt


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Product Description

180 Cup ‘s main goal is to maintain the customary purpose of the world renowned ”RED PARTY CUP” while including an additional use. The basic red cup is so popular amongst the public due to its easy storage, quick disposal, large capacity and its affordable price. In addition to being the party cup of the future, our 180 CUP upholds all of those attributes while maximizing the usage of the cup. 180 CUP is a fundamental drinking cup when it is right-side up and when flipped 180 degrees there is a shot glass. This is essentially two cups in one, eliminating the expenditure for both shot glasses and drinking cups.

180 CUP offers a unique drinking adventure, a dream for most. Their bright colors only add to the experience in brightening up any occasion. 180 CUP is specifically designed to not interfere with any of the popular drinking games such as beer pong and flip cup.

Besides for the 180 CUP being hip, cool, fun and considered “The New Red Cup”, they serve a purpose which you can’t live without. The combination of the shot glass and drinking cup is perfect for anything from parties to college fraternities to tailgating to bars to everyday life. 180 CUP is on the fast track to fame.

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