Top Paper Product Distributors to Convenience Stores

Grocery stores and convenience store chains spread across the nation sell a wide variety of products besides fresh and canned food products. These non-food items generally consist of clothing, household cleaning products, and food grade tissue papers, printing paper, toilet rolls and cosmetics followed by accessories. The paper that is distributed to convenience stores are either imported or purchased directly from manufactures according to local demand. Depending on the best price offered by distributors a convenience store may decide its vendor for various convenience products like paper and other nonfood items.

Wholesale distributors who transport nonfood items to c stores chains generally have a large variety of items in their portfolio. Due to their years of experience in this business they have a fair idea about which products will have a demand in various parts of their distribution circle. These distributors collect paper products from manufacturers in their area and deliver it to their clients which can be both grocery stores and convenience stores. Here is the list of top distributors which supply paper products to stores across the nation depending on their capacity and demand.


  1. Katzke Paper Co  This largest distributor in North America started their business in 1948 and today produces customized packaging products for clients based on their needs. Whether a customer needs corrugated boxes, robotic palletizer or regular cardboard boxes every item is produced and supplied by the firm. Besides packaging products it also manufactures and supplies packaging equipment like sealers, tape, seal and polypropylene strapping along with work safety products. It services clients in the Rocky Mountain area and in states like Colorado, Wyoming and Nebraska.


  1. Apex Paper Suppliers  Among the earliest distributors to source directly from original equipment manufacturers they supply paper rolls, printer ribbons and paper for ATM. Besides convenience stores they sell to hotels, gas stations, retail stores and banks which can be used for addition machines and cash machines.


  1. Lewis Paper Co  Since early 1980’s Lewis Paper has been meeting needs of printing industry by supplying paper for various requirements. Their business started out as a cash and carry operation of art supplies and printer paper which expanded exponentially in 40 years. Now the organization has a ready fleet of 45 vehicles which supplies made to order paper products and sheet feed packaging boxes to clients. Recognized as the largest wholesale distributor of paper in the Midwest the firm also supplies paper products to janitorial and specialty products industry too.


  1. WCP Solutions  The West Coast paper solutions was established in 1920 when their paper manufacturing business went out of business and an employee took over its business to sell packaging supplies to merchants in Seattle. Within a few years the firm began supplying printing paper, janitorial supplies and disposable food packaging products which could be used by food manufacturing firms, restaurants, healthcare and coffee manufacturers. WCP Solutions has distribution centers across all four states in Pacific Coast and serves customers in the region and in the Midwestern states of Idaho, Montana, Utah and Wyoming.


  1. Bulkley Dunton – This 1833 founded company is among oldest operating distribution firms in New York which services paper needs of publishing firms, packaging firms, supply chains and print management firms. They follow a streamlined procedure to reduce wastage during supply and create a powerful distribution network.


  1. Hodgman Paper Company – This specialty paper boards supplier started business in 1975 to meet special needs of customers in the printing and packaging industry. They provide quality in bulk by providing specialty and commodity grade paper to clients. Special grade file and folder covers are also supplied by them which can be purchased in bulk for corporates or convenience store chains or warehouse clubs which will keep costs low.


  1. Midland Paper – In business for more than 100 years, the Midland Paper has clients across SouthEast states and entire Midwest. The firm has grown rapidly since 1983 through acquisitions and launch of new products in its portfolio to increase clientele. In recent years the firm’s overall revenue exceeded $ 700 million and its catalogs are now available online allowing buyers to book their orders directly. In 2012, Midland paper expanded its operations in the international market by opening branches in Mexico and Brazil.


  1. Clifford Paper Inc – This relatively late entrant to paper distribution field was incorporated in 1985 to supply paper to publication industry, but now has expanded product portfolio to include paper supply for printing and graphic arts markets. This family owned business supplies paper to specialty paper stores, convenience stores, commercial printers, catalog designers, print advertisers and packaging industry. The firm supplies paper to New Jersey, New York, Ohio, California, Connecticut, Toronto, Wisconsin and Florida.


  1. Howard Smith paper group – As a part of the PaperlinX group operating in 26 nations across the globe, this division is part of the firm’s US division which focuses on supplying special paper for office needs, designing brochures, magazine covers, annual reports, graphic designing, making signs and display materials. With a wide range of paper options for packaging industry Howard Smith paper group wants to meet needs of customers with minimal impact on nature.


These firms have created a niche for themselves in this competitive industry by concentrating on delivering products which meet changing needs of customers. Paper product distributors are also concerned about environmental degradation that paper manufacturing is causing to the world and are urging manufacturers to develop eco-friendly alternatives to meet customer demands.