Wholesale Grocery Distributors: Here’s Why you Should Offer GMO-Free Products

Organic, GMO-free snacks are increasing in popularity for a number of reasons. People are eating them more often, and they’re not just visiting health food stores in order to buy them. If you’re not offering organic or GMO-free snacks, you could be missing out on sales opportunities. Here are just a few reasons why people are asking wholesale grocery distributors to provide them with healthier snack options.

Health Benefits

The effects of genetically-modified corn, wheat and other crops have not yet been evaluated. The fact that organic ingredients is used in certain products means that chips and other snack foods do not contain any harmful chemicals or pesticides that could be toxic to the body. GMO-free foods are also good for those with a grain allergy, as they are gluten-free.

Environmental Concerns

By offering organic, GMO-free snacks, you’ll be promoting environmentally-responsible business practices. People who are concerned about the effects that pesticides and chemicals have on the earth are extremely likely to buy them, since they know they are making a difference for the earth by doing so.

Grown in the U.S.A.

GMO-free products are more likely to be made from crops that are grown in the U.S.A. This means you are helping American farmers whenever you purchase them. Not only that, but most are packaged in the United States as well, so you’re also fueling the American economy as a whole.

As if these reasons weren’t enough, organic, GMO-free snacks also taste great and are fun to snack on. To find out more about the benefits of organic and GMO-free snacks, contact us.