E-mail Blast Sign Up

How it works!

Our email blast package allows you to promote your products to our list of over 30,000 retail buyer subscribers.  If a buyer is intrigued, he or she can respond to the email directly and that response will be sent directly to your email address. These blasts enable you to: get sample requests from some of the leading retailers, initiate dialogue with potential buyers, and introduce your brand to the people who can get your products in front of the right customers. Signing up for this package is simple.

  • Choose one of our three pricing options:
    • 1 blast: $1,900
    • 2 blasts: $3,300
  • Provide us with a sales sheet or email template for your product, pictures of the item(s), product descriptions, contact information, and any other information you deem relevant.
  • Schedule the email blasts using the dates we have available in our system.
  • We create the email blast. It takes 1 to 2 hours to complete a blast.
  • Screenshots are sent to you via email to confirm the blast 48 hours after it has been sent. These screenshots will include open rates and click-through rates.

The more blasts you schedule, the more effective your email marketing campaign will be.  These email blasts will intrigue customers and build your brand awareness.

What we don't do.

  • Email addresses are personal property. We do not give any of the email addresses or contact information in our database to our clients. 
  • Each email blast only has your email address as a “reply to” option. The email recipient has the option of responding directly to you using the “reply to” feature.
  • We do not take commissions nor do we take brokerage fees. You only pay the upfront fee for the number of blasts you wish to deliver. 

Who do we target?

Knowing the types of retailers we target can help you determine if using our email blasts is the right option for your business. Whatever your product, we will create an email blast that intrigues the retailer and helps you initiate sell your product. The retailers we target are:

Why it works.

A diverse marketing plan that incorporates all facets of digital marketing often provides the highest ROI.  Email marketing is a crucial part of any digital marketing campaign. The most effective email marketers know how to expertly craft emails so that they aren’t viewed as spam by those in an opt-in list. Here are some useful statistics that will help you see the value of email marketing:

  • The Social Habit reports that “70% of email readers open emails from a brand or company in search of a deal, discount or coupon.”
  • More people opt-in to receive email newsletters than they do Facebook updates.
  • MECLabs reports that companies that send “over 100,000 emails each month see a 94% ROI.”
  • McKinsey and Company report that “Email is 40 times more successful at acquiring new clients than either Facebook or Twitter.”
  • Mobile device usage has increased exponentially over the past decade. Most people with mobile devices check their email at least once per day.
  • Emails allow marketers to articulate a message without the restriction of a limited word count.
  • Email marketing is much more affordable than traditional marketing methods.
  • Emails allow testing of marketing content. The information garnered from the test can then be used in all marketing campaign media.

Why choose email blasts over a trade show?

Trade shows have their upsides. They allow potential buyers to see, feel, and experience your product. Hopefully, the experience results in the buyers placing purchase orders (POs) that bring in the cash your business needs. The truth is, however, that not many businesses see this type of success at trade shows. Most businesses spend approximately $10,000 to attend a trade show. Between paying for samples, accommodations, booth space, food, and possibly employees, you are bound to spend a pretty penny.

Email blasts offer the same (and even greater) benefits as trade shows for a fraction of the cost. Why spend so much money to attend a trade show with limited possibility of any ROI? Email blasts help you:

  • Reach category managers and buyers who would be interested in your products.
  • Write persuasive content that appeals to each buyer’s unique interests.
  • Work directly with distributors and retailers.
  • Keep customers abreast of specials, seasonal discounts, promotions, and new items.
  • Establish a connection and build a relationship with potential buyers. 

Email blasts are a worthwhile investment. They bring much higher returns than trade shows or any other conventional marketing strategies.  Contact us today to set up your email blast campaign.