Convenience Stores

 The best way to get your product into convenience stores is getting a hold of BOTH convenience store distributors and convenience store chain buyers. Our affiliate site offers the convenience/grocery chain directory which is also a great asset to have.


  • Over 1,600 Convenience Store Chains (Ex: 7-11, Chevron, Circle K etc.)
  • Over 1,700 Grocery Store Chains (Ex: Kroger, Publix, Safeway, Walmart etc.)
  • Over 13,000 Buyers Personal E-mails
  • Buyers Phone Numbers
  • Company Addresses
  • Updated Bi-Annually


  • One Time Payment of $499.00
  • Excel Format
  • Delivered via E-Mail
  • Convenience Store/Grocery Chain Details
  • The Convenience/Grocery Store Directory contains over 13,000 key contacts and buyer’s information. It includes company names, phone numbers, addresses and over 65% contain buyer’s personal email addresses.
  • For the Grocery Chain List, a retailer must operate two or more locations that generate at least $2 million in sales. For the Convenience Store Chain List a retailer must operate two or more stores, with an importance on high sales volume and fast moving consumer products.

You can purchase this directory at