Convenience Store Brokers

Certainly a manufacturer or distributor can do their own legwork when it comes to getting their product into the hands of convenience stores. However, this can lead to a great deal of time lost and frustration collected. Convenience store brokers on the other hand have already developed the kinds of connections necessary to make these sales and they usually work off of a commission from anywhere between 5-10%.  Companies trust the brokers not to steer them wrong. These brokers have shown time and time again they are trustworthy and they only promote quality products and the people behind them. This kind of rapport building is essential in business, as it is the only way more business will be created.

Convenience store brokers can determine the market value of a product through research and experience. They apply this market value when they try to sell a product to companies. Having the tools necessary to direct inventors to their potential sales is only the beginning of the process. Unfortunately many manufacturers do not excel with the sales aspect of distribution and need the help of a broker to expand their reach in convenience stores. This is not a bad thing, people just have different strengths, but if a product is to truly succeed, people need to be allowed to do what they are good at.

Having convenience store brokers leaves the production and development of a product open for the inventor and manufacturers. Having one less issue to deal with can take a great deal of strain off of the individual or company trying to get their product out into the world. Take a look at It can bridge the gap between hiring convenience store brokers and a company doing it all in house. The site provides a database of convenience stores, grocery stores and big box stores with contact information for each along with a list of the top 100 convenience store brokers within the U.S and Canada.

Also if you are looking for an easy way to get your product into convenience stores, take a look at They have a unique approach in getting your product into anywhere from 200-5,000 convenience stores very quickly!