Convenience Store Jobbers

The term jobber is used for wholesale businesses which sell goods in bulk from their manufacturers. The jobbers then sell these products to retailers. Convenience store jobbers are another facet of sales. They purchase products which they feel will be profitable when reselling to stores. Convenience store rack jobbers focus primarily on products which can be sold in convenience stores, but they may also branch out to grocery stores and other places which may carry similar products. The career of a c store jobber is one of uncertainty, but excitement. One never knows when the products they acquire will sell.
Convenience store jobbers might create their own products for sale, or they might sell the products of other companies. Often times, jobbers will rent space inside a convenience store to sell the products they have. They often are in contact with a number of companies and present their products on their rented space in the convenience store or grocery store. Jobbers may also manufacture their own products and draw up with store owners to use the floor space for a certain amount of time. There are benefits to both ways of doing business, having a mixture of a trusted brand and a brand which is lesser known can benefit both.


Market research is a necessity. Jobbers should observe the customer flow to see if there will be a demand for their product in a particular store. Some companies are a better fit to the products available. The jobber should also provide their own racks. It shows initiative in sales and can help to foster good relations with the store owner. Rapport is the most important part of sales. The database of has over 200 convenience store jobbers. The contact information for these jobbers is included and is consistently updated.