Convenience Store Products

Convenience store products are the life of a convenience store.  Through the years, convenience store owners have purchased products traditionally though a convenience store distributor.  Now in these days you see a c-store owner going to a Walmart, Sam’s Club and Dollar stores because these distributors are putting a minimum dollar amount in order to be a customer.  C Store Distributors is now filling the gap between products to distributors to the retailer.  Now it is going from C Store Distributors straight to the retailer.

Among professional buying experts from across the retail spectrum the Fast Moving Consumer Goods Experts members have streamlined the process of sorting through hundreds of products to find the few outstanding new items that will drive their businesses forward and keep them profitable. Access to the biggest discounts and most convenient shipping options within the industry are another key component of the FMCG Expert Community. You can also find hot convenience store products at

The community leverages the expertise found among its members as they provide one another with quick, clear feedback on cutting edge, fast moving consumer goods.

By sharing our insights we strengthen each other as we share opinions based on current retail trends we are seeing. The community compiles the results of experts sharing these insights and information is provided through blog comments, surveys, emails among other ways.

What is an FMCG Expert?

Because FMCG industry members ( and have a feel for customer demand in their specific market, we feel they are the experts in their respective fields. Every member adds to the strength of the group, and is empowered by the wisdom of the community. For this reason, each FMCG Expert member’s opinion is highly valued and adds to the overall success of the group.

Buyers from across the retail and wholesale industry will find the Fast Moving Consumer Goods Experts Community an invaluable resource to quickly find high margin, fast turning consumer goods that create customer excitement that drive above average profits.

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