How a C-Store Distributors Directory Can Help You

Are you a manufacturer of an exciting new product and are sure that it will do wonders in c stores?  Who do you think will be able to provide the right platform, wholesale distributor, dealers, grocery chain or c store chains? From the time a product is manufactured till it reaches the customers it goes through a long chain of distributors called the distribution channel who add their charges to the final price that is charged from their customer. You can either directly approach convenience store buyers in your area to sell your products or get in touch with c-store distributors to distribute your products over a wider geographical area.

Convenience store chains work on margins for different categories of products and to understand the rates in your area it is best to check with stores where you would like to see your products. The best way to get your product inside a convenience store is to get hold of their buyers and contact them via email and telephonic call for an appropriate time to make a presentation. Be honest and sincere about your products abilities and qualities during your presentation and make it convincing enough for them to consider trying out your product. Distribution for c-store chains, grocery chains and pharmaceutical stores is generally carried out by c-store distributors or wholesale grocers who have large warehouses from where goods are distributed across states.

What is a C-store distributors directory – A c-store distributor directory contains the contact details of decision makers who make the buying decisions at distributor chains. To reach out to large number of buyers manufacturers have to look for store chains which have stores in more than one location and have a fairly large turnover of minimum $2 million. When you have a product which can have a nationwide market then the best option for you would be to purchase a comprehensive c-store distributor directory and contact a few people each day/week to make presentations about your product so they can make it a vital part of their catalog.

Utility of C-store distributors directory – As a manufacturer or producer you would like to concentrate on the manufacturing part of it and making improvements on it instead of worrying about the sales and distribution piece. But if a product lies unsold then your ROI is zero and you also lose enthusiasm to develop it further. At times companies want to cut down on middlemen and want to distribute their products directly to c-store chains, grocery store chains and dealers to provide cost advantage to end customers. To achieve this they attend farmer markets, trade shows, carry out large scale advertising and also hire brokers to push their products which are not always successful as they are able to reach only a limited number of target buyers. This is where a C-store distributors directory comes into the picture as it gives you a host of choices which can be used to distribute your products across the nation.

1.) Contact information of over a thousand C-store distributors who have operations across United States along with details of the C-store chains and grocery chains they service in each area. These also contain contact details of top personnel who are decision makers at C store brokers, c-store rack jobbers and big box stores who can help your product reach target customers.

2.) These distributor directories are made after careful research about details of top distributors in nationwide markets who have a wide network. This information is regular updated whenever personnel change and before it is sold the data is verified by the people who maintain the data.

3.) Each distributor specializes in products that they have been distributing for ages and know which market locations are best for these products. When you check for c-store distributors in your area who are distributing products similar to yours, they can provide you proper guidance about which city and store would be best suited for them.

4.) If you want to carry out in-store marketing then the distributor directory can help you connect with authorized personnel in C-store chains who can give you the required permissions to carry out the proposed promotional procedure.

5.) Network of distributors offer people a wide choice of new products by bringing them to convenience store networks and dealers. C-store distributor directory has detailed contact information of people who can help you expand business and reach of your products across the nation.

Other ways to get your product into stores across the nation

Direct Store Delivery – There are some distributors who supply new products directly to independent grocery stores, local convenience stores and farmer markets within a couple of weeks after they have been introduced. This direct store delivery program is performed by delivery drivers and they generally do not ask for terms and conditions while taking on a new product for delivery and sale as they make complete payment while picking up the product.

Checkstand Program get products to customers – If you are the adventurous type and want to experience market conditions and preferences before distributing your products through traditional channels you can try out the “Checkstand Program” Through this procedure the product will be placed at specific c-stores of your choice in an area for a token display charge of $10 per-store. In this program the products on display will be provided free of cost by the manufacturer. If the product is received well and customers ask for more then the c-store distribution network will take over the distribution of your product to all their member stores and charge a low brokerage of 5 percent for their services.

Finding the right c-store distributor directory with the required information can be the turning point of your business and ensure its success. You can sell a product through a wide variety of distribution channels but if it does not reach the target customers when they need it the product’s potential remains underutilized. So the trick lies in finding the right distributor network through a directory which can distribute your products to target customers to bring you maximum profits.