How a Wholesale Tobacco Distributors List Can Give You a Business Advantage

It’s often hard to know exactly who offers tobacco products and who doesn’t due to varying laws and jurisdictions nation-wide. One thing that can help a lot is a wholesale tobacco distributors list. Here are a few ways a solid list can help you get your tobacco product into as many stores as possible.


A good list can be delivered to you in the Excel format to make it easy for you to go through it and keep all of the information centralized. You can also highlight each numbered row as you go through contacting each store as a way to keep track of where you’ve tried to get distribution already and where you can still send messages.

Personal Information

A good list can give you the names of head buyers for tobacco distributors. If you’re going to contact their store about possibly carrying your tobacco product, it certainly helps to start things out on the right foot by knowing who to address.

It can also help to have the personal email address of the head buyer as well. A good list will often be able to provide this for you.

After all, you don’t want to risk emailing the standard corporate account and have them give you the run around. Having inside information about the distributors you want to do business with can go a long way to helping you land the contracts that you want.

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